The Secret to Innovation: Intrapreneurs

  • Are you a strategic thinker that is more activated to work on a long term vision versus short term tasks? Perhaps you are more often in trouble rather than celebrated because the motivation tactics, systems, and process’ in place do not support you.
  • Do you have a growth mindset where you are continuously learning and always looking for ways to innovate and adapt to changes?
  • Are you a resilient change maker and risk taker that identifies opportunity and acts on it?
  • Do you empathize with the customer and do whatever it takes to support them, holding your team accountable along the way?
  • Do you enroll stakeholders across silos (or teams) to drive something forward, creating and orienting towards outcomes?

The difference between an employee and an intrapreneur is an employee has a job description and an intrapreneur has a purpose.

Purpose = Meaning + Impact

The Problem — We Are Stuck

The gap to the final step of organizational evolution is not the process, it’s the people.

People as Growth Opportunities

Solution — Creating a Culture of Ownership

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